Thursday, November 20, 2008

always a challenge

What a difficult week. Lots of sadness in the world and in the community. The out pouring of love for Brandon Clark and his family has been overwhelming and not surprising. We are a loving community. With all of the emotions that build up inside of me, I'm learning to take one little feeling at a time and acknowledge it. That is probably the most important thing I've been doing. If something is really driving me crazy, handle it; take care of it; do whatever it is that will help. And then, the big, MOVE ON. Let it go. What happens, happens. But believe in myself, my job, my GOD and my commitment to this day. That's what it is about. Not me...but the day and how I can make it bettr. Life's a challenge; gratefully, I accept it, honor it, and embrace it. Blessings to all. kate

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pam said...

love your blog love you to the moon and back