Wednesday, December 3, 2008

always, always, give thanks

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had. Lots of family and beautiful times. Loved having the time off from work...great news, too. I was going to make pea salad to take to my daughters, Amy, for Thanksgiving, but FORGOT!

When we were eating, I said, "Amy, do you have any green beans or any vegetables?" She said, "Well, Mother, I thought you were bring pea salad, BUT, I can make something!" Talk about E M B A R R A S I N G!!! THEN, at our Thanksgiving with all of the rest of the families, GUESS WHO FORGOT THE PEA SALAD!!! YUP, that would be me! So, three days later, still in the fridge, NO MATTER WHAT, we were going to eat that pea salad! Did for two meals, but, geez, whizz, it was time to throw it out. I'm sure no one else can relate!

Enjoyed the time off, but back to work we had to go. Yesterday, I had a four o'clock appointment with my boss to talk about Christmas gifts for all of the docs that we see. I was driving along, to hurry to the appointment, took a swig from coke, starting coughing, (the rest of the story you should know!) Well, yes siree, I felt a little dribble in the pantie area, and then, of course, another coughing spell, and yes siree, another dribble....and the flood gates opened! Now, wasn't that professional! I'm sitting in a beautiful skirt, in the car, soaked with pee pee, and on to a meeting. Quick turn of the car to the house to scrub me, car seat, throw skirt into washing machine, head to the meeting with a smile! Life happened, and then goes on.

Knew you would enjoy that piece; truly understanding it ONLY if you are over fifty!

So, on our way to Christmas time, The beautiful babies below are the gift of life, and the reason for my title, Always, Always, Give Thanks. Well, opps, couldn't get them downloaded and I've got to get ready for work! These are the new breaths of life! They are in my heart, soul, and mind!

have a blessed day,

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