Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's crazy that in this week of the hectic schedules and all the "doings" for whatever part of my life, the week seems to be dragging. It could be that all that I'm doing is just "stuff". Isn't that the way it seems? much to do, so much that "has" to be done, is just stuff! But, clearly, the "stuff" has to be done. It is just the very early in the morning that I can find some comfort in what all is around me. The season, the sites, the decorations, but mainly the people in my life. I appreciate them all, love them all, and am thankful for them all. David and I are trying to figure out if we're done with all of our shopping! That part of my life needs to get organized, too. I think we have everything ready, but who knows! You wake up Christmas morning and realize you had one more gift to buy...BUT, it's too late. And guess what? Know one even knows it but you! We carry too much guilt around; no one else is blaming, just us! Blessings to all this morning, Katie

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